Why are homes and properties located adjacent to Cold Water Creek and in its flood plain contaminated with Uranium and Radium linked to the Belgian Congo?

The history of this can be traced back to during World War II, Mallinckrodt, processed, handled, and stored highly-concentrated uranium from the Belgian Congo loaded with high levels of Radium in downtown St. Louis for the Manhattan project (Atomic Bombs). Later, other companies (the Cotter Corporation, Commonwealth Edison Co.. Exelon Corporation, DJ R Holdings, Futura Coatings, the St. Louis Airport Authority and others) also profited from the same uranium and radium. But big money was not enough for them. With total disregard for their neighbors and the St. Louis community, they stored uranium in bulk on the ground and open to the elements in several unattended sites adjacent to Coldwater Creek, a Missouri River tributary that runs through North St. Louis County. These sites included the St. Louis Airport site (SLAPS) and a storage facility on Laddy Ave. in Hazelwood, MO (also known as the Hazelwood Interim Storage Site). Homes, parks, schools, and backyards have been and remain contaminated with this very same uranium due to wind, runoff, and flooding all because these companies brazenly left these dangerous materials in your community. Uranium and radium are human carcinogens (cause cancer). The EPA and the USA have documented and confirmed that Coldwater Creek and its flood plain are contaminated with this very same uranium and radium. Suit has been filed on behalf of property owners in this area to require these offenders to clean up the radiation caused by these companies.

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